Mentoring since 1883.

Since 1883, TRY has worked with vulnerable and disadvantaged  Victorian young people, providing them with mentoring support, education and training opportunities leading to employment and positive life pathways.

Our work has changed but our mission has stayed the same: to respond to identified community needs with innovative, place-based solutions that address the ‘gaps’; working collaboratively with other organisations to assist young children, adolescents and young adults and their families to flourish socially and economically.

TRY Mentoring aims to support disadvantaged young people between the ages of 7-20 to help them reach their potential by matching them with a positive adult role model who is able to provide support, guidance and friendship. This is achieved through a range of opportunities including one to one and group environments.

TRY Australia’s mission is ‘to deliver a brighter future through learning and community programmes . . . for those who TRY’ and offers a range of programs to meet this goal.

We believe that nobody does it on their own, and having the support and guidance of a mentor can break the cycle of disadvantage, provide opportunities and experiences that can improve a young person’s outcomes, help them make better life choices, and see life through an alternative lens.

We are responsive to identified needs within the community and are able to develop evidence-based programs and foster partnerships to deliver innovative solutions to support young people.

Our mentoring services are governed by a comprehensive set of procedures and policies that ensure young people are safe and play an active role in decisions relating to the match. Within each program young people are matched with a carefully screened and trained volunteer. Both the young person and the volunteer are supported and supervised by a Coordinator for the duration of the program, usually a year.

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