Group Mentoring

TRY’s group mentoring program involves the connection and matching of at least two mentors with a group of young people, which usually involves coming together to participate in a shared activity, such as sport, performing arts, or group fitness. Usually taking place in schools or community centres each mentoring groups meet weekly for 1-2 hours for a 12-month period around the fixed school terms. Within TRY’s group mentoring program we involve the young people in decision-making and the running and development of each group to empower them with the tools to succeed. This program is ideal but not limited to, mentors who would like to mentor with a peer, or mentors that have a skill that is transferrable to a group setting.

“The Group Mentoring program is ideal for mentor volunteers who prefer a group setting and mentoring alongside another peer within a team environment. After every group mentoring graduation we witness a positive difference in both the young peoples and the mentor’s confidence, self-development and social connection”.

Willie Simmons -TRY Mentoring Coordinator


Our 1:1 mentor program involves matching one mentor with a young person on a one-to-one basis. Each match meet weekly to enjoy a shared activity over the course of 12 months. This could include activities such as cooking, playing at the park, or simply hanging out to get to know each other. The role of the 1:1 program is for both the young person and mentor to create a special connection, which is based on mutual trust, and connection.

“Becoming a mentor in our 1:1 match, is a powerful way to make a difference to the life of a young person, as well as guide and empower them to make positive choices. Not mention a great opportunity to enjoy and share your passions, and learn new experiences”/

Rachel De Summa- TRY Mentoring Coordinator

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